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A large and growing portion of some of the most valuable demographics are spending more of their time and attention on Facebook and less on other channels and media.

Not only are college students and teenagers fully engaged in Facebook, but adults, professionals, and people from around the world now constitute a substantial portion of the Facebook userbase as well.

However, most brands or let’s say marketers of brands lack a comprehensive understanding of the vast array of explicit and implicit marketing channels Facebook offers – most of which are viral. Our goal here is to provide an introduction to what’s possible on Facebook to the spectrum of marketers from brand advertisers to so called social media experts.

Here’s the list of “Facebook marketing tools”:

Tools for Guerilla Marketers
  • Profile Page
  • Pages
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Notes and Photos
  • Messages
  • Marketplace
  • Share / Posted Items
  • Networks
  • Mini Feed and News Feed
Tools for Guerilla Marketers
  • Social Ads
  • Integrated Opportunities
  • Beacon
  • Polls
  • Facebook Platform Ad Networks
  • Facebook Platform Application Sponsorships
  • Sponsored Facebook Groups
Tools for Application Developers
  • Profile Box
  • Mini Feed
  • News Feed
  • Invitations
  • Facebook Notifications
  • Email Notifications
  • Application Directory

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